zMors Modular Updated With Pure Data, 8-bit Oscillators & More

zmors-modularzMors Modular – a software modular synthesizer for iPad – has been updated with Pure Data, 8-bit & physical modeling oscillators & more.

Pure Data is an open source programming language for creating multimedia software.

Here’s what’s new in zMors Modular 1.2:

  • add pure data module
  • add 8bit osc module
  • add physical modeling
  • oscillator module
  • add inter app audio host module
  • add midi file player module
  • add sampler module
  • add midi filter module
  • add motion module to create cv signals
  • add polyphonic midi module
  • add record/bounce wave file option (iOS8)
  • add iCloud Files Support to import audio, midi and pd files
  • add new custom layouts to macros for sub patches
  • add new programs to combiner module
  • add new programs to dsp module
  • add osc mode to wavetable module (by default)
  • add midi bluetooth low energy advertise
  • add double tap to module zoom
  • add midi out to keyboard module
  • add new presets
  • optimize sub patch handling with macro modules
  • show modules with red headline when not in render chain
  • show current buffer size in setting popover
  • fix usb midi reconnect on app start
  • fix midi note index
  • fix background image select

zMors Modular is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

2 thoughts on “zMors Modular Updated With Pure Data, 8-bit Oscillators & More

  1. This is the sleeper app of the century for me. Love it. Fantastic update. Thanks for the inspiring software and the PD module!!!!!!

  2. This looks great. I’ve not seen this before. What this mean ‘8 audio/cv to your modular through USB audio’. Has anybody done this… Do you need something like the ES3 to do this?

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