Free Max For Live Reverb Effect Creates ‘Washes Of Sound’

SirenAudio has released Wash – a new Max For Live audio effect that uses comb filters to create dense ‘washes of sound’ (akin to a watercolor wash). 


  • del fb (delay feedback) : determines the amount of feedback, with higher values producing longer sustains.
  • del time (delay time): changes the length of time of the delay.
    mod freq (modulation frequency): controls the frequency of the sine wave modulation oscillator.
  • mod depth (modulation depth): changes the depth or amount of the modulation.
  • jitter var (jitter variation): This modulation stage uses low pass filtered white noise, and the variation sets the cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter, with higher values producing more erratic variation.
  • jitter depth: This parameter controls how much jitter is added to the delay time.
  • low cut: attenuates low frequencies from the effect
  • damping : attenuates high frequencies from the effect.
  • dry wet : fades between the dry and effected audio signals.
    ef. gain (effect gain): scales the gain of the effect. This parameter is useful when the effect has high feedback settings as the volume can build up quickly.
  • clear button : In between the final two parameters is a button that will clear audio from the delays.

Note that changing the delay time, jitter, and modulation parameters will affect the pitch of the effected audio.

Wash is a free download from the Max For Live site.

4 thoughts on “Free Max For Live Reverb Effect Creates ‘Washes Of Sound’

  1. i like when people make max for live devices that don’t have a huge logo taking up space that could be used for knobs and features. I understand you want to put your name on your device and you should but keep it small and simple like these guys did . and most importantly it sounding cool


  2. Thanks god this is free and not released through Ableton, it probably would have cost £15
    Its a great device and sounds lovely, big thanks to the dev’s

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