Pipe Organ For Kontakt


Aria Sounds has introduced Pipe Organ Sample Library, for Kontakt 4 and above (full version), featuring individual stops, combinations, real release sample length control as well as octave extension controls.

Here’s what they have to say about the new organ sound library:

We are proud to present our sampled pipe organ, a magnificent huge church organ where you can virtually pull out the stops in the interface, choosing between a fantastic selection of stops, combinations and tuttis. Ranges of each stop will be shown on the keyboard when activated, pedals low, and manuals higher, plus optional octave extention controls, just like on a real organ.

There is also the option to reduce/extend the length of the release samples, depending on whether you want that huge grand organ sound in a large space, or a cleaner more crisp and defined sound.

We chose to also sample some optional combinations and tutti sounds, as well as individual stops, due to the fact that the way sound interacts and moves around in a room when the stops are pulled out together, is not faithfully enough replicated when individually sampled and layered digitally.

The church organ sampled here contains 2GB of magnificently engineered sound, by a top class organ, and was recorded at 96KHz, 24Bit.

Here’s the official Pipe Organ audio demo:

Pipe Organ Sample Library is available for £19.99 at the Aria Sounds site.

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  1. Nice, but it ‘s nothing compared to the best sets available for Hauptwerk 4. Hauptwerk even has a free version that can compete with this.

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