monstrumFett Patch Editor For The Waldorf Streichfett


This has been out a while, but may be of interest for owners of the Waldorf Streichfett synthesizer.

monstrumFett 1.0 is a software editor that gives you control over every parameter on the Streichfett, in addition to a few only accessible via MIDI.

It works standalone and as a plugin for your DAW, on both Mac OS X and Windows. 

monstrumFett Patch Editor For The Waldorf Streichfett

In addition to all the parameters you have access to on the actual Streichfett, this editor also gives you a hold (sustain) button, Randomize Parameters feature, Local on/off, MIDI panic as well as an X/Y surface to modulate two parameters at once.

monstrumFett gives you individual control over the Animate, Phaser and Reverb Depth parameters of the effects section.

You can also store and load programs to and from your computer’s hard drive.

monstrumFett is available for US $29.99 at the Monstrum Media site.

If you’ve used monstrumFett, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!


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7 thoughts on “monstrumFett Patch Editor For The Waldorf Streichfett

  1. It works great. Patch memory beyond what’s included on streichfett is very useful. It was on sale when I picked it up…otherwise I would have hesitated. Glad I got it! Easy to use. Also got Blofeld editor too but need to look more into it.

      1. Yes. It’s not necessary. But the patch memory is a real plus and the random feature is also excellent. If you like to get and recall sounds quickly, it’s helpful.

      2. Well, you do get more patch storage and there are a couple of semi-hidden things revealed in the editor.

        But most importantly, we live in the age of the editor. No matter how simple or complete (or pure analog with no encoders) the hardware is, someone will go on a forum and request an editor, and if the company does not do it, a third party will. A full generation of users grew up with plugins and mousing over dropdowns is muscle memory.

        Someone, somewhere, is demanding a Korg Monotron editor right now.

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