Synthjunk – Candles Are Burning

Candles are Burning is a video song style music video by synthjunk, who notes, “I was first exposed to post-punk new wave at an early age and this track reminds me of that time and place and how fast time has gone by.”

Technical details:

Instruments played are Roland Jupiter 6 & SCI pro-one synths, Eurorack modular, mpc2500 drums, electric guitar through line6 pod. Recorded & mixed with Ableton live.

4 thoughts on “Synthjunk – Candles Are Burning

  1. Nice work and good to see the equipment they used, no wonder we all freaked out when detroit techno arrived in the uk .

  2. this is not detroit techno,,and there is no way you can mistake this for that.
    you need to go back to dance music school.or perhaps you need to hang in the uk hood more.

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