Jamming In The Woods With A Minimal Mobile Studio

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Marcus of Perplex On, captures some live jamming, in the woods, with a minimal synth and mobile recording rig.

“Spring got me, so i took the chance to go for a walk with my new little friend, the Teenage Engineering PO-12 rhythm,” he notes, “and my phone to do some improvised recording in the wild.”

Technical details below:

  • iPhone 4S loaded with Xynthesizr as a sequencer and synth, spiced up in Audiobus with Dedalus and AUFX:Dub in the FX chain. iPhone’s output is directly fed into the PO-12 audio in.
  • PO-12 is doing the drums

11 thoughts on “Jamming In The Woods With A Minimal Mobile Studio

  1. I really have to get myself a PO-12. I like its quirky, glitchy sound.

    That said, I spent about 3 hours hiking in the woods this afternoon without any electronic gear and it felt fantastic.

    1. I get the idea of wanting to get away from your technology and actually stopping to experience nature. But I find this sort of rig inspiring – I spend a week vacationing in a cabin every year, which clears your mind of everyday BS, and it would be nice to use that opportunity to make some music.

  2. Not really my cup of tea, but interesting to see what can be done in real time without a roomful of gear or a power point.

    Less can be more…

  3. By the way, nice production on the video, too. LIked the combination of direct recording of the music with the camera audio of the environment it was created in. Classy work!

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