Studio Analog Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via musician, sound designer, synth nerd, FXpansion support dude, father, runner and eater of hummus rozz3r (Rory Dow), captures his live studio analog synth jam.

Technical details below:

  • New Midas Venice F24 desk (lovely!)
  • Sequentix Cirklon (sequencing)
  • Novation DrumStation (drums)
  • Korg MS20 (bass and crazy techno sequence)
  • Yamaha DX100 (pads)
  • Yamaha TX81Z (lead)
  • Eurorack modular (bleeps n bloops)
  • Akai S950 (bass sample)
  • Eventide Space (reverb)
  • Eventide TimeFactor (delays)

7 thoughts on “Studio Analog Synth Jam

  1. Anybody else think this guy looks like The Transporter?

    I’m thinking this may be what he does on his days off!

    Also – great jam. Loved that sequence!

  2. Yeah, all that hardware though with such tame sounds. If i had those things, i’d probably tear my roof off. The key here is “father”, and I’m single, blowing my house down every night….Heheheh thats why i got into the whole music business in the first place.

  3. See what Brian Eno has to say about that. You can only shock people with music once, but you can seduce them with it over and over.

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