Berlin School Psychedelic Jam Session

This video, via  ollilaboratories, captures a live studio psychedelic Berlin School style synth jam, by Steve & Ollilab.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

This track is very VERY psychedelic with pink floyd vibes all over the place playing the melodies on the System-1.. its way more laid back that our first piece. Let us know what you think.

Steves Gear list: Doepfer Eurorack Modular system 4xP9 cases filled to the brim with modules.. some of which he has built himself, (i wont list them in detail, if you have questions please ask and well try to answer)

Steve on youtube is “pxguru2329” so please tag him when asking
specifically on the modular.

Ollilab Gear list: ms-20, TR-8, System-1, elektron analog four, KORG volca bass x 2, volca keys, arturia microbrute and the KORG SQ-1 sequencer.

FX used on the track: Jomox T-resonator mkII, SolidGoldFX electroman + SurfRider III, Kaoss Pad, Strymon Timeline, mooer reecho, zoom G3

19 thoughts on “Berlin School Psychedelic Jam Session

    1. Jounni will have to answer that – he fed me a clock which I fed via a 1/12 division through a Doepfer A190-4 Midi-CV converter. The CV clock was then multed to the sequencers and into A-160/A161 clock dividers, which fed other modules, inlcuding the 4ms quad pingable LFO (clock sync’d).

  1. Could you tell me what is the synth on the right side that has the sweeping lights on it ? Awesome track by the way my favorite type of music.

  2. I just watched this beautiful Microbrute melody that I believe Ollilab recorded during this set.
    It’s a hauntingly elegant piece of music, and really showcases the Strymon Timeline (and Ollilab’s excellent playing skills)

    1. Thanks – we literally had 1 hour to do this..nothing pre-planned and it really was all improv on the fly. This was the 2nd take after the memory card filled up at 14 mins into the 1st take (which I think may be better, although not complete, obviously). Both improvs were totally different though,

  3. It may be “Berlin School,” but it breathes and changes shape in a manner that seems far superior to the often-mundane 8-step sequences of many who aim for it. I can smell the stylistic history, but it resides next to good modern expansions on the basic themes and a pair of savvy ears. Very classy work, both of you. Hooray for your synths, which don’t have to suffer from anyone playing “Jump” on ’em.

    1. Its a derivation on Berlin School I guess..sequences don’t have to be static, nor in a 4/4 tempo. When I get the new Doepfer clock dividers and multipliers, prime divisions and trigger multiplication will allow for way more fun. Syncopation and polyrhythms…thats my next target for Jounni to add his magic to,

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