Erica Synths Releases Sequential Switch CV Generator

erica-synths-ss-cv-generatorErica Synths let us know that their Sequential Switch CV Generator – an expansion module for their Sequential Switch that turns it into into powerful, feature-rich 8-step sequencer – is now available.

Both modules combined generate CV and gate signals with all functionality that Sequential Switch has – merging, pausing, skipping and manual select of steps, random play, and piano mode.

CV Generator generates CV for the each step in range from 0 to +5V, and a three position range switch lets you select optimal maximum range: 1, 3 or 5V.

Here’s the official video demo:


  • Expansion module if you already have Seq. Sw. = 90EUR
  • Together with Seq. Switch = 200EUR

See the Erica Synths site for more info.

One thought on “Erica Synths Releases Sequential Switch CV Generator

  1. Man do I hate Eurorack.

    Every-time I think I’ve got all the sequencers I need…another pops up that I must have! I think I could have a 600 step sequence running at this point.

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