100% All-Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass, All The Way To The Needle

Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass is a new track, by KinetiX, made using a 100% analog signal path – from the synthesizers creating the music in real time to open reel tape to mastering the tape with outboard analog equipment and finally to cutting the tape directly to vinyl.

Here are the technical details on the gear used:

Modulars : Roland System 700 (Drums), Moog series 900 (minor chords), Roland System 100 (sub basses, wind sfx, sirens), Arp 2500 (squelchy stabs), Buchla 100 series (SFX).

Other Synths : modified x0xb0x (low bass) Korg MS-20 (other bass), Roland System 100 standalone synth (other bass), modified Korg Monotron Duo (other bass)

FX : Roland Space Echo RE-501 (tape delay, chorus, spring reverb), Roland DC-30 (analog chorus-echo), Roland Dimension-D Analog Chorus.

Mixer : Tascam M308b

The mixed signal was recorded in a separate studio using a Studer mixer and tape machine. The premaster was then brought to a third studio where the tape was mastered using the following gear.

Studer A812 tape machines
ORAM BEQ Pro 24 mixing console
API 550b EQ
Tube-Tech CL 1b compressor
Universal Audio Urei 1176Ln limiting amplifier
Amek limiter
Emt140 plate reverb

The master was then brought to a forth studio where it was run from tape through a few more pieces of outboard gear to finalize the signal and cut directly to a 12″ vinyl record.

This video was taken with a cell-phone camera at the various locations and the audio for the video recorded and limited in a digital audio workstation in parallel to the analog signal flow.

It’s also available via bandcamp.