Roger Linn, Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim – Flying In Style


Dave Smith Instruments shared this awesome photo of Roger Linn, Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim, left to right, flying in style.

The three electronic music gear legends were photographed on their way to GearFest 2015 on Sweetwater’s private jet. The trio are special guests at the event and will be featured in a Saturday ‘Synth Icons’ panel.

The event is being held Friday, June 12-13 at the Sweetwater campus, 5501 US Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The GearFest ’15 schedule of events is available online.

25 thoughts on “Roger Linn, Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim – Flying In Style

      1. Totally, one of them needs to be at the bunker. Another at an undisclosed safe-house. Last one, can fly freely as they wish.

  1. Is Sweetwater a money laundering operation or something? I didn’t realize they made enough $$$ to spend on private jets.

    1. They’re the one big music retailer that seems to have their act together.

      Also, when you get to be their size and you’re in Fort Wayne, having your own planes is probably a necessity.

  2. At first I thought: “Tempest sells well!”, but it’s Sweetwater’s private jet…huge amount of money in music business , not for musicians though, and not for gear makers…fly me to the Moog !

  3. They were all totally awesome!!! Great event! Yes, they shouldn’t fly together, they are all irreplaceable. It was so great meeting them. They are the only true synth makers on the planet!!!

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