Nektar Impact and Panorama Keyboards: Now With Bitwig 8-Track


Nektar has announced a cooperative effort with Bitwig, offering a new “slimline” version of Bitwig Studio, Bitwig 8-Track, to all Nektar customers, free of charge.

Nektar Impact and Panorama series keyboard controllers previously have had fairly deep integration with Bitwig Studio, providing the user an experience similar to that of using a dedicated workstation.

Bitwig 8-Track includes the entire collection of Bitwig Studio devices for use on up to eight project tracks with audio or MIDI. And content is also included, providing a selection of presets and sounds hand-picked from the flagship Bitwig Studio Library.

Bitwig_8-TrackNektar is offering the Bitwig 8-Track license and download to all Nektar Impact iX, Impact LX and Panorama customers free of change until August 31, 2015. To redeem, Nektar customers need to register their Nektar product and then claim their Bitwig 8-Track license.

Additional information about the Bitwig 8-Track – Nektar collaboration is on the Bitwig website and on Nektar’s website as well.

8 thoughts on “Nektar Impact and Panorama Keyboards: Now With Bitwig 8-Track

      1. whiteblob, I hear ya! I sure don’t fault anyone if a particular device rocks their world, but there’s no replacement for woodshedding. I use macros, but yeah, the mouse lets me do tight things in a way I ENJOY, a vital module if there ever was one. I think its practical and laudable to have 9 sliders and a pad section if you do lots of Hammond organ and sound effects work, but after the time I spent/wasted trying to assign a lot of crap to an ADDITIONAL device, I’ve ended up with a Samson Carbon 49, a Korg NanoPad for occasional drop-ins or drum-ish fills and an Xkey. They are just triggers, which suits me fine. I turn to my Korg workstation for some things, but those three have become an amusingly satisfying team of small workhorses. However, I applaud the Akai Control keys, set up to hold several softsynths, with a crisp info screen for navigation. Its sure beats NI’s more limited version. BitWig is still in a maiden-voyage form, but it has some true pluses I respect, like the consistent GUI for the built-in synths. Smart! So my only real advice is not judgemental; its that we all need to take the Yellow Pad Approach first and always. Sketch your desired rig on a yellow pad and list the accessories you will need, with added care relative to your RAM and your DAW’s personal quirks. Y’gotta polish it a bit before buying. I was once a hair-pulling noob, but that method, over time, has made me a much happier camper at less expense. BTW, the white-key release noise is a bear, but the Panorama is otherwise well worth its price. Very good GUI, Nektar.

    1. I agree that the Panorama is a pricey thing ($499), but I have checked one out and it is nice.

      I have one of their LX controllers. It is reasonably priced ($99 to $299), has good keyboard action and offers very good DAW function integration & control. I highly recommended them.

  1. As an owner of the Nektar P6 model, I wont be in the market for another midi controller for a really long time. Really hard to beat this boards flexibility and Nektar’s undying support for software integration. This is Automap done right if you ask me.

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