New App, Korvpressor, Puts Hot Dog in Your DAW

Swedish app maker Klevgrand has added a compressor / limiter, Korvpressor, to their app lineup.

Korv is Swedish for sausage, and the Korvpressor has packed a fairly sophisticated set of algorithms into a super-simple user interface, that they’re calling a “smart, dynamic hotdog device.”

Korvpressor_itunes_screencapApp developers explain how Korvpressor works:

“The controls are minimal – set the input gain, level of compression, and the output gain. However, don’t be mislead by this simplicity. Under the hood is a sophisticated set of algorithms, developed together with a team from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The compression algorithm was designed with transparency in mind, and Korvpressor will sound great on almost any kind of sound; all from a vocal track to a full blown mix. If you push it even harder, it gives a nice squeezing effect.”

Besides the compression unit, there are three controls for low, mid and high frequency gains.

Compatible for use with the iPad (IAA and AudioBus compatible), AU (Mac plug-in demo available), VST & VST3 (Mac & Windows plug-in, demo available).

Pricing and Availability. Klevgrand’s Korvpressor is available now at an introductory price of $19.99 (reg $39.99, after July 1) for AU/VST, or an iPad version at an introductory price of $4.99 (reg $7.99 after July 1). More information is available on the Klevgrand website.

5 thoughts on “New App, Korvpressor, Puts Hot Dog in Your DAW

  1. It’s so bizarre that we’re now so aware that we’re squashing the life out of music and making big, distorted waveforms ready for Soundcloud that we’re now naming a compressor after the shape of the lifeless weiner blob that it creates. I guess sausage fattener got there first, but still…

    Sad times.

  2. Korvpressor is as much of an instrument as anything else and like anything else you can employ it tastefully or you can “squash the life out” of whatever you’re applying it to.

    The UI is a conceptual masterpiece and an absolute joy to use on both iOS and computer – and Korvpressor can give life and truly bring magic out of sounds.

    PS- I have nothing to do with Klevgrand other than being a fan of their brilliance and having more fun than ever making music because of them and their inventions.

  3. Part of the UI glory for Korvpressor (and the other Klevgrand devices) is that you Play (adjust parameters) and LISTEN as opposed to watching number values.

    I’m sure that offends those who rely on numbers for tweaking but in my mind forces (or helps guide) the user to being more intuitive and emotional while programming their music.

    Because of habit I still catch myself looking for the numerics but then breathe a sigh of relief when not seeing them and letting my ears to the hearing.

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