Renoise Redux Now Available For Linux, Mac & Windows


Renoise Redux is a sample-based instrument VST/AU, for Linux, Mac & Windows, that features a powerful built-in phrase sequencer.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Sequencer – The sequencer in Redux is closely integrated with the instrument, and used to create musical phrases. These phrases are controlled via notes and program-change events, and allow you to alter the playback in a variety of ways.
  • Open-ended – Create sounds from scratch with the built-in sample recorder and draw tool. Or import existing files by simple drag and drop. Redux understands most common audio file-formats, including the .sfz multi-sample format.
  • Tracker Notation – Redux has inherited and expanded upon a rich set of features from its bigger brother, Renoise, including techniques to trigger notes and control sample playback with surgical precision.
  • Sample Modulation – Redux offers true per-note polyphonic modulation, which can be used to transform your material into anything from a short stab to a lush ambient soundscape.
  • Dozens of DSP FX – With a large selection of DSP effects and a quasi-modular system that allows devices to modulate one another, the sound design possibilities are almost endless.
  • Macro Controls – Redux features a straightforward automation system with eight globally accessible macro controls. Each of these macros can be connected to any number of parameters and functions under the hood.
  • Keyboard Driven – A tracker typically make use of numerous keyboard shortcuts and commands. Redux features an innovative on-screen keyboard to help unlock these secrets and provide visual feedback.
  • Waveform Editor – Use the waveform editor to adjust volume levels, cut leading or trailing silence, apply effects, chop samples into slices, and much more. Everything is saved along with the preset
  • Cross-platform – Redux is available for Windows, OSX and Linux, in VST and AudioUnit formats. Your license does not restrict you to any particular platform and is fully portable.

Redux is available for US $65/58 Euro. A demo version is also available.

If you’ve used Redux, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

18 thoughts on “Renoise Redux Now Available For Linux, Mac & Windows

    1. Yes i can see a few for instance you can run ir in another DAW and you still have access to your instrument library 🙂 and from what ive seen it looks like when you change presets it stays in sync this will make this a fantastic live tool :- )

    2. Well, one difference / possible advantage over Renoise as an integrated environment is that you could have multiple instances of the plugin with different length patterns, running side by side. You can sort of accomplish the same thing using the phrase editor in Renoise 3 and really long patterns, but the usability is not quite the same.

      On the flip side, it seems like there is a firm one instrument per plugin instance limit on Redux. Granted, the concept of an instrument is pretty flexible, but it still influences how you work. I’ve been using both Renoise and Ableton Live for years — including together via Rewire — and I found the experience of using Redux quite different. Not necessarily better or worse overall, but different.

  1. Nevermind the bussiness model. This is good shit, I’ve been waiting for a tracker plug-in for so long. Given they are the first on the planet to do this I have no complaints. Tips for improvement will follow =)

    1. Nothing to do with a business model.
      Renoise users have similar if not identical functionality within the program. So it is good to know if there are differences.
      Being able to use it in another daw is a benefit, not so tempting for me though..

  2. How does this compare to regular Renoise? Can you use the regular version as a VST in Live? Why this vs full version?

  3. Can Redux sequence other instrument plug-ins – in other words, does it have MIDI out functionality – or it it restricted only to the samples you load into it? Does anyone know of any tracking sequencer vsts that do MIDI out?

    1. Well…there’s sunvox for the ipad.

      If you mess around with it, it can get pretty powerful.
      It’s a bit more messy working with samples there tho’

  4. For those who ask:
    Renoise is basically a DAW
    Redux is “just” native sampler of Renoise (it also handles phrases, so you have tracker in a tracker :-).

    Right now it is one step before Renoise (new filters, effects and some other things) but it will change with Renoise 3.1.
    I would say that Redux is much better than Renoise via Rewire
    But i wouldnt say that Reaper (or any other daw) + Redux has to be better than Renoise standalone because Renoise flow is very specific.
    But if you use long audio stems or record audio, or you wanna use modular routing in your daw Redux is the way. There is no other sampler that can do these things to your samples 🙂

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