Patch Touch iPad Editor For Oberheim Matrix Synthesizers

matrix-ipad-editorPatch Touch: for Oberheim Matrix is a patch editor for the Oberheim Matrix-1000, Matrix-6 and Matrix-6r synthesizers.

Patch Touch gives you touch-based control over all of the voice parameters on these Matrix synths. Make a change on the screen, and the change is instantly sent to the synthesizer.

Patch Touch has been designed to provide access to as much as possible all on a single screen, making it easier to change and understand the structure of your patch.

Other features:

  • Copy/Paste envelopes
  • Create random patches
  • Copy the current patch from your synth to your iOS device, for further editing
  • Save your patch from Patch Touch to the memory on your synth!
  • Play the synth using the app’s built-in mini-keyboard (with aftertouch support)

Use this app either with a MIDI adapter for your iOS device, or via a wireless MIDI connection to your Mac or PC, with your Matrix synthesizer connected to your Mac or PC via MIDI.


  • An Oberheim Matrix-1000/6/6r synthesizer
  • A MIDI adapter for your iOS device, OR a Mac or PC connected to your Matrix via MIDI and a wi-fi connection between your Mac or PC and your iOS device.

Note: The developer notes that this app is not affiliated or endorsed by Oberheim, it was just developed to meet the needs of Matrix owners.

Patch Touch is available for US $14.99 in the App Store.

17 thoughts on “Patch Touch iPad Editor For Oberheim Matrix Synthesizers

  1. ohmygawd ohmygawd ohmygawd! Buying this right now. Plugging in the Matrix 1000 in 2 minutes.
    Thanks for the heads up, Synthtopia!

  2. Holy sh** I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I got my IPad! I used to use a free editor for Mac, but this makes way more sense. The OB matrix 1000 is one of my most used synths still to this day. This will breath new life into an old friend.

  3. there is a bunch of controller patches for lemur and other midi apps for m1000.
    to the dev:
    1. apart from the random patch, what sets this one apart?
    2. any chance of bidirectional control?
    genuinely interested – have two m1000 stacked.

  4. too bad i sent my Matrix 6R forward..
    this is a good reason to keep my eyes open for another.

    there used to be iPad editors for several hardware synths in the AppStore, including for the Ensoniq ESQ-1.
    ironically, AS i procured an iPad that company stopped publishing the app.

    here’s to this company picking up the mantle of classic 80s/90s synth editors with great UIs!

  5. Oh this is very good news. Wonder how (if) it handles throttling of data. The Matrix series is notorious for choking with too much sysex. Editors are more for programming vs ‘real time analog style control’.

  6. I wish Oberheim would get in on the whole ‘ReFace’ mumbo jumbo but obviously I don’t mean I want another backbreaking virtual analog made in Italy..

    Give us an new OB-X for $1000 you b*stards!

  7. Damn ! I sold my matrix 6R 2 weeks ago !
    Beautiful synth, but a pain to program, unless to use the free matrix 2001 editor, Much easier with just an ipad.

  8. As the creator of the Lemur editor, I’m stoked to see an ostensibly more professional option available. I hope they figured out the riddle of bi-directional control; that was way beyond my skill set. Without that I’m not sure how they handle the issue of dealing with having to do an INIT patch each time.

  9. Matrix 1000 has 1000 presets – who needs an editor if there’s a sound for every need 🙂

    I think I’ll stick with the free Obie Editor as my fingers aren’t small enough for iPad editors. I would really prefer AU editor (which will then send the editor from LogicPro directly to TouchOSC).

  10. Copy/paste envelopes, copy the current patch from Matrix to iPad, seems nice, but I don’t know if those features alone are worth its prize. The rest can be done with TB Midi Stuff, for which there has been a Matrix editor for some time, as well as a lot of other synths, for 1/3 the cash.

  11. My bad, the price is actually 6 times the price of TBMS, or TB Midi Stuff. A big + on TBMS is that if there’s something you don’t like about the layout, you can just edit it to your liking. I think this Patch Touch is a bit overpriced…

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