Korg Pwns The Pono, Turns Your iPhone Into A High-Resolution Audio Player

Korg has introduced iAudioGate, a new iOS app that promises to bring high-fidelity digital audio to the iPhone.

The app can handle a high-resolution audio in a variety of formats:

WAV, BWF, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, MP3 *compatible with 44.1kHz – 192kHz DSD (DSDIFF, DSF, WSD) * compatible with 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz, 11.2MHz

iAudioGate features Korg’s AudioGate player engine, customized to perform as an iPhone app. According to Korg, “The ultimate achievement is the faithful reproduction of sound as it was intended by musicians and engineers—and for the delight of the listeners who savor it.”

Here’s what Korg has to say about iAudioGate:

High-resolution audio sources possess a higher level of sound quality than that of a CD. In addition, they contain greater detail and are far better at preserving the ambience of the original recording environment. The benefit is a listening experience that is incredibly faithful to the original.

Conventional music players do not support high-resolution audio source formats—or they simply down-convert the data to CD quality for playback. iAudioGate supports a wide range of formats in order to play high-resolution audio sources with the greatest degree of accuracy and the highest fidelity possible.

During conversion, the optimal type of processing is performed for each specific file format to achieve the finest quality of sound. A wide range of sampling rates—up to 11.2 MHz DSD—is supported, allowing direct playback, free from conversion processing. Effective up-sampling operations yield enhanced audio performance from all sound sources.


Korg iAudioGate is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used iAudioGate, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!