If Stanley Kubrick Designed A Synth Cave In Space, It Would Look Like This


Morel Muziek BV studio design shared these images of the White Universum Studio – a studio that looks a bit like director Stanley Kubrick designed a synth cave in space.

Check out these images and let us know what you think of it!

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Note the custom white Roland JD-Xa synthesizer and the space age style built-in consoles!

via Sonic State, Morel Muziek

18 thoughts on “If Stanley Kubrick Designed A Synth Cave In Space, It Would Look Like This

  1. Its not a real synth cave without more random gear sticking out, cables hanging here and there, a couple of fast food wrappers in the floor and at least 4 pop culture toys in evidence. One must be a spaceship or a robot.

  2. It looks like a fun space but I know I’d find it very distracting. Furthermore, considering it’s a 100% custom installment; the blend of acoustic tiles and hard, shiny, reflective surfaces seem like a questionable design choice.

  3. This is afwful.. Insult for stanley kubric.
    Guess its Dj Hardwell’s studio? How can you make music in something like that?

  4. I don’t really get the idea behind it, it’s not the kind of creative space I’d want, but I hope the owner enjoys it. Bit too much bling for my taste but the XA looks a lot better in white.

    I wonder who is going to dust it?

  5. Too sterile, too cold, and too plastic. Cool setting for a trade show booth, or a medical lab, but not a creative studio.

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