An Interview With Synth Pioneer Dave Smith

Dave -Smith-InterviewThe latest episode of Mitch Gallagher’s Sweetwater Minute features an interview with electronic music instrument pioneer Dave Smith.

Smith was visiting Sweetwater for GearFest ’15, which featured a special panel discussion between Dave Smith, Roger Linn, and Tom Oberheim.

Synth designer and Grammy-winner Smith was the founder of Sequential Circuits in the mid-’70s. His Prophet-5, the world’s first fully programmable polyphonic synth, was the first musical instrument with an embedded microprocessor. Smith is also known as the driving force behind the development of the MIDI specification.

More recently, Smith has continued to innovate, with Dave Smith Instruments, and recently unveiled his latest synth creation, the Sequential Prophet-6.

3 thoughts on “An Interview With Synth Pioneer Dave Smith

  1. “So it has to be one of the most successful softsynths ever?”
    “Yeah, I suppose yeah. I never think about that ‘cos.. I never think about softsynths!”

    I love Dave Smith

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