Intros New Ribbon Controller’s Roger Arrick has introduced a new ribbon controller for MU modular synthesizers, the Q182-RP20 Ribbon and Pressure Controller.


The RP20 is a position and pressure-sensitive ribbon controller, capable of replacing or augmenting a traditional keyboard in an analog synthesizer system. The RP20 can be held like a guitar, played from the desktop, or mounted to our modular keyboard controllers above or below the keys.

Here’s the official video intro:

The RP20’s sensor is 20″ long and produces a voltage for the position of your finger and a voltage for the pressure you’re applying. These voltages are produced using analog circuitry and change smoothly and naturally as you play.

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Both position and pressure signals have adjustable ranges using the Q182 dual controller interface module. When the position sensor is set to the 2 volt range, the ribbon can be played like a keyboard, complete with a template showing white and black keys. The 4/12th volt range is useful for pitch bending of +/-2 semitones, and the 5 volt range can be used for wide filter or pitch sweeps.

A gate signal can be produced from either sensor and used to control other modules to activate vibrato or triggering an arpeggiation from a sequencer.

In addition to the touch sensors, there is a small gate button on the controller’s housing. This button creates an additional gate signal on the Q182 that can be used to activate various effects or modes by controlling modules in the system.


  • 20″ Pressure sensor with selectable range
  • Gate switch
  • Adjustable auto-gate for each sensor
  • 3-Color programmable LED for both sensors
  • Can be mounted to QKB keyboard controller shelves
  • Quality machined aluminum framework
  • Solid walnut base
  • Guitar strap buttons

The Q182-RP20 Ribbon and Pressure Controller is available now for US $520.

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  1. I’ve seen a ribbon in use on a YC-45D where it was arpeggiating up and down, I’ve never heard anything so cool, or been so jealous.

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