8 thoughts on “The Star Spangled Banner, On Moog Theremini

    1. Theremin was a Soviet spy, too.

      But it doesn’t seem ironic, when you consider that just about any instrument you could play is from a country we’ve fought against at some point in our history.

      And the modern orchestra comes from Germany.

      We’re all better off when we’re making music!

  1. Great stuff.

    As a veteran synthhead, this performance gives me hope for the next generation of electronic musicians.

    I’d heard complaints about the playability of the theremini, but it looks like it’s very playable in the right hands.

  2. Beautifully played – I wonder if she intended for it to sound so sad…

    Also check out her unboxing video of the Theremini, it’ll make you want to buy one. 😀

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