Glitchmachines Intros Cryogen Buffer Effects Processor


Glitchmachines has introduced Cryogen, a modular buffer effects processor designed to generate robotic artifacts and abstract musical malfunctions.

Cryogen features dual buffer effects, dual multimode filters with morphable modes and dual bit crusher effects. Cryogen is capable of generating everything from subtle glitches to stunning signal mutations.

Here’s a quick video tutorial, by Ivo Ivanov, featuring the Glitchmachines Cryogen buffer effects processor plugin:

Cryogen features a fully modular drag & drop modulation matrix. This matrix adds a fresh dimension of possibilities to the plugin, when used in conjunction with its four signal mixers and two mod multipliers, all of which are capable of combining both audio and modulation signals.

Cryogen comes loaded with 140 factory presets from sound designers Ivo Ivanov, Thomas Hennebert, Nicholas Yochum, Daed and Alex Retsis.

Cryogen is available now for US $39.

If you’ve used Cryogen, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

3 thoughts on “Glitchmachines Intros Cryogen Buffer Effects Processor

  1. Ivo is at it again. That man is an amazing sound designer and Glitchmachines makes really cool plugins. When you need to get weird, techy, noisy, glitchy or industrialized, you can never go wrong with Quadrant and Polygon. Cryogen looks pretty damn cool too, might have to pick it up.

  2. Sounds like nice stuff… but GUYs.. Make the VOLUME more uniform in your youtube videos.. To hear the vocals, you have to turn the intro riff so loud, it blows your speakers. If you overlook this kind of simple stuff, it makes me leery of what you overlook in your software..

    The software looks good… you need an email, or phone number on site,, another bad sign.

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