AVP Synth Synth, Drum Machine Inspired By Vintage Soviet Era Gear


Russian manufacturer AVP Synth has shared video demos for the ADB-5 Analog Drum Box & the VAS-100 synth, two new boxes inspired by vintage Soviet era gear.

In their first video, you can see and hear the ADB-5 – a 100% analog drum box module.

ADB-5 has 10 knobs and 4 switches, with which you can control the parameters of the sound.


  • The method of synthesis – 100% analog synthesis
  • Shapers (tones) of the sound: 5; bass drum, snare drum, tom drum, open hat, close hat
  • The noise generator (Noise): 2 modes; for SD, OH and CH
  • MIDI interface: MIDI In, 16 channels
  • Audio output: mono 6.3mm jack
  • Controls: 10 knobs, 4 switches
  • Power supply: adapter 15V DC (included)

In the second video, you can see the VAS-100 – a monophonic virtual analog synthesizer. The synth has a DSP engine that they say is inspired by the sound of the Soviet Era synthesizers (like Polivoks, Alisa and etc.), while having a distinctive tone of its own.

All the parameters are controlled via MIDI which has 9 knobs, 17 switches and 3 buttons.


  • Method of synthesis: virtual-analog (VA) synthesis
  • Controlled oscillator (DCO): 2; saw, square, triangle, PWM
  • Noise generator: 1
  • Controlled filter (DCF): one 4-pole low-pass active filter; modes LPF, HPF
  • Envelope generator (ADSR): 1
  • Controlled amplifier (DCA): 1
  • Low frequency oscillator (LFO): 1; square, triangle
  • Functions: Distortion, FM, Anti-Alias
  • Banks of presets: 16 (sixteen) rewritable
  • MIDI Interface: MIDI In, MIDI Thru, fifteen channels, the sixteenth – OMNI
  • Audio output: mono jack 6.3 mm
  • Controls: 17 switches, 9 knobs, 3 buttons
  • Power supply: adapter 9 V DC (included)

Here’s a video of the pair in action:

Note: The developer notes that the audio for this last video is from the Galaxy S4 mic, and shared it primarily to show the pair in action together.

At this point, they do not appear to have an official site yet and they are sharing information via their Facebook group.

via matrixsynth

21 thoughts on “AVP Synth Synth, Drum Machine Inspired By Vintage Soviet Era Gear

    1. Not everyone makes music electronic music on computers. A pedal sized synth with this nice of a sound wound make a great addition to a setup with a minimal footprint, imagine it next to a few moogerfoogers.

  1. The drum box looks cool, you can never have enough drum machines, but with the DSL synth I find it very misleading to say it has DCOs. A DCO is a digitally controlled analog oscillator. These are purely digital.

  2. This looks and sounds just great! One of the best replicas I’ve heard in a while. Does seem to match and have a tone of its own. And heard that its quite affordable compared to the vintage stuff !!

  3. I like the synth. Don’t get the drum machine at all. I can get more out of Volca Beats. It all comes down to price.

    1. Yeah sorry for that, I firgot that the noise level was on 😛
      will be making more demos and an ep with them soon 😉

  4. i watched this expecting an awesome soviet drum machine,,
    but then saw the bass drum tweaking is poor,i have free software that is more impressive then this box,
    i think it needs more options ,but on reflection it is better than akai’s attempt,so better then the wolf worse then software

  5. I think the synth version sounds really nice. It doesn’t matter to me that it’s digital and not analog. It looks nice as well and its size will be perfect for my already cramped desktop.

  6. Hey guys! You can ask them on the FB group, the Vas-100 is 340€ With express shipping to Spain, so more or less similar to any country of Europe. The Adb is like 275€ with shipping.
    Those are friends of mine, they are building one a day, and the qualith is excellent, you have synth for years!
    You will hear a lot of this synths! Orbital and Kraftwerk have tried them and love them! In a little you will be hearing lots of records with the Vas!

  7. Hopefully there’s plenty of room for mods on the drum machine. It would be nice to have individual trigs and outs.

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