KiNK AIRA Jam Session

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Roland, captures an improvised jam session by KiNK, using a full AIRA system.  

Technical details:

Much of the focus in this jam is on exploring the capabilities of the AIRA MX-1, a performance-oriented mixer. In addition, though, KiNK uses the Roland TB-3 to create a bass sequence, the TR-8 drum machine and a AIRA System-1 synthesizer.

20 thoughts on “KiNK AIRA Jam Session

        1. Nice jam & nice scratching :-). Yeah, I´m sure you could make a demo for Roland.
          Neither yours nor kink´s are my thing but I appreciate both the effort.

  1. I really hate myself for being such a troll. But if you ask me: these sound such lame compared to the originals. I didn’t want to believe that. But had those next to my original 808 and 909. Well – it’s just something different. I could hear the difference in every comparison – even on my laptop speakers.

    1. A/B tests show that they sound more modern, “bassy” and punchy than the originals but thats about it. I am not really a massive fan of these boxes (or their original counterparts) anyway, I think they are overhyped products. With that in mind, you have to consider the processing and programming, not to mention the various layers and levels of compression the audio has gone through. Also the fact that your comparisons are probably not going to be like for like, side by side. These do sound every bit as good as the originals and to some peoples ears, better.

      1. to quote a personal hero: “well: that’s just your opinion man”. You said: “These do sound every bit as good as the originals and to some peoples ears, better.” – well: that’s the reason why so many people are selling their 808 since the release of Aira. It’s really not a small difference. I did some blind test and I never had to start thinking. It’s really, really obvious. Have you ever heard those in direct comparison? I had so many drum machines but well – the 808 ain’t a hype at all. I had all the electrons, the Jomox 888 and 999, some Boss, Oberheim, DBX, MFB, Miami, and so on – but I never had a kick even close. But like I said. I really don’t want to troll. I’m actually not an analogue fetish boy. And really not on the hype. But well…. 808 kickdrum, 909 hi-hat. Can’t stop loving those.

    2. NOPE…your opinion is well justified. And when it’s justified, you are not a troll.
      I thought the background display behind the artist, was more impressive than t
      reverb soaked sounds.

  2. Have to laugh off the troll hate, because the TR-8 is undeniably a deal at $500 and the MX-1 is a very cool mixer for people using digital gear.

    This is not my type of music (I like more ‘synthy’ stuff), but kiNK clearly brings a lot of skill to what he does, and he is more interesting to watch and a lot of other electronic music performers, because he is programming beats, entering baselines, and shaping the track so that it goes someplace, all live.

  3. God, you guys are so predictably boring. My 909 has the new Flantek 443 capacitor upgrade and it now clearly sounds better than anything you have.

  4. That jam is reason synth companies feel the need to not make synths with playable keys. Also wish that guy had some music lessons, that was boring and un musical. Zzz

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