Haptic Hang Drum Like An Animusic Video Come To Life

The Haptic Hang Drum, created by CIID, is like an Animusic 3D animated music video come to life.

It’s an experimental instrument, made with motorized sliders, servo motors and hall effects sensors.

Technical Details:

The motorized sliders simulate a pump that controls the pressure in the firing mechanism. The motorized sliders simulate the pressure mounting in the spring. When the pressure breaks, the ping pong ball is fired and it strikes one of eight hall effect sensors in the hang drum. This triggers a hang drum note sample in Ableton Live.

Music: Hang Massive – Once Again

10 thoughts on “Haptic Hang Drum Like An Animusic Video Come To Life

    1. PANArt, who created this style of drum, has used both the terms ‘Hang’ and ‘hang drum’.

      The term ‘Hang’, though, accurately refers to PANArt-made instruments, because it is their trademark.

      Similar instruments are more widely available, typically described as ‘hang drums’ or ‘hand pans’.

      1. I have read the opposite throughout the years. PANArt made a lot of efforts to dissociate the term “drum” from their Hang instrument, but that never really caught on. (Don’t worry I’m not a Hang purist 🙂 I don’t mind it personally if its called a drum as it is a percussive instrument and is pretty much an inverted steel drum.)

        “Since the creation of the Hang instrument in 2000, PANArt has repeatedly emphasized the fact that it is not a drum, but rather a sound sculpture which presents itself in various facets. As far as we are concerned, the suggestive and confining term “drum” does not describe the necessary candor required to discover the Hang and its spectrum of possibilities.” – Hang.ch

        “The Hang is sometimes referred to as a hang drum, but the inventors consider this a misnomer and strongly discourage its use.” – Wikipedia

        “Treating it as a drum and promoting the name Hang Drum, for instance, has created a ripple effect of misinformation that leads to damaged instruments, physical injury, and mental and emotional turbulence.” – Letter from the Hangbauhaus

        Mental and emotional turbulence?? I find that one pretty funny 😀

  1. All of the sound in that video are from a live recording of actual hangdrums. One drum alone would not even be able to play that tune:

  2. Can this be done conventionally ? I’m sure it can, so this is
    just like stepping over a dollar, to pick up a dime…inho…

    So I am an idiot for not understanding hang drum…ping pong balls to trigger a sound ?
    What next ? shooting rubber bands of various sizes and thickness at something
    to trigger sounds ?

    Maybe I’m old fashioned…

  3. Yea. I was expecting they would be dropping rubber balls right onto the hang.

    I think the “drum” term is partly because it is so much like a “steel drum” — which isn’t a percussion drum, but an industrial drum/container (texas tea).

    Isn’t a hang fashioned from a propane tank? Let’s call it a Hang Tank.

  4. Another pointless nerd project. Seriously, who gives a fuck about a ping pong ball catapult? It certainly has nothing to do with synthesizers or making music.

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