Refined Stochastic Technology Intros Takete Audio Visual Performer For iPad

Refined Stochastic Technology has introduced Takete Audio Visual Performer for iPad.

Takete lets you combine audio and video loops with granular synthesis, drum machines, modular inline/send FX and extensive programmable and flexible behavior.

Here’s what the developer has to say about it:

Takete is an advanced audio visual performer featuring a unique set of tools for musicians and artists.

Based on the phenomenon of synesthesia, Takete offers fine control between audio and visual elements to create immersive and tightly integrated AV works.

Note: Recommended for iPad Air 1 or equivalent.

The developer are creating a series of video tutorials for the app. Here are the first two, looking at Takete basics and editing:

Takete is available now for US $79.99 in the App Store. A free version, Takete Lite, is also available that has editing disabled.

4 thoughts on “Refined Stochastic Technology Intros Takete Audio Visual Performer For iPad

  1. While I can appreciate the sophistication and design of the app, the price kills it for me. Reminds me of the inflated price Different Drummer launched with because the developer had put a lot of effort into making it and thought people would be rushing to buy it even at the astronomical launch price. Well that didn’t work did it? Now Different Drummer is a much more reasonable price (affordable) and so sales have increased. Yes the developer can raise the price because he thinks it’s an exceptional piece of software and yes, people can say it’s great but not at that price. I would rather sell much more at a low price than drastically less at an inflated price. There is also the question of video resolution here because this isn’t the first video/audio app (I purchased a different one at a much more affordable price a few years ago) but what is the maximum resolution of the video and can the video sequence be rendered or is it just limited to live play?

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