LP-5 Loop-based Music Sequencer Updated

lp-5-loop-sequencerDeveloper Markus Waldboth has updated LP-5 Loop-based Music Sequencer.

Here’s what’s new in LP-5 version 2:

  • Inter-app Audio effect hosting support
  • Inter-app Audio host timeline sync
  • Import Zip files to the user library (Full version)
  • Launch scenes using a MIDI keyboard
  • Track mixer control via MIDI
  • Two new sound packs by Soundtrack Loops available for in-app purchase
  • Various bug fixes

Designed for live arranging and remixing, LP-5 allows you to play audio loops from an intuitive launch grid, while automatic tempo synchronization keeps you in time with the beat.


  • Five individual tracks that synchronize to the current tempo, without affecting the pitch.
  • 5×16 launch grid.
  • Audio import from document providers (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, …), via “Open in…”, pasteboard, and iTunes File Sharing. Supported file formats include WAV, MP3, and many more. (Full version)
  • Zip file import to the user library. (Full version)
  • In-app store offering royalty-free sound packs
  • Universal support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Inter-App Audio:

  • 2 IAA effect slots (Bus A/B).
  • IAA generator node.
  • IAA timeline sync support in both node and host mode.

MIDI Features:

  • MIDI clock sync/generate support to play along an external MIDI sequencer, drum machine, or DAW.
  • Scene launching from a MIDI keyboard.
  • Mixer control via MIDI CCs.
  • Hands-free scene trigger, tap tempo and start/stop by using a MIDI foot pedal.
  • MIDI message routing to and from class-compliant USB hardware, other apps, and WLAN or Bluetooth LE wireless peripherals.

LP-5 is a free download, but uses a US $4.99 In-App purchase to upgrade to the full version.

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