Chromehatic Mixes Controllerism & Avant Garde Fashion


The Chromehatic is an unusual hat, one of a series, described as ‘an amalgamation of modernistic headwear design and tangible digital technology.’

Here’s a demo of it in action:

In the video, FEMME demonstrates the controller and then uses it in a musical performance.

Here’s what the developers have to say about Chromehatic:

 Chromehatic is an entry into the flourishing world of wearable-tech that far from being merely an item of geeky attraction it enthralls with its intricate construction and stunning visual design.

The wearer becomes both character and director, through the close coupling of an almost costume-like aesthetic and the ability to control sound through movement, voice and touch.

The Chromehatic is part of the SENSEries project, a collaboration between milliner and headwear designer Jodie Cartman and musician and instrument builder Crewdson.

13 thoughts on “Chromehatic Mixes Controllerism & Avant Garde Fashion

    1. I think it’s a sweater made from the anti-RADAR reflective aluminum strips dropped in WWII.

      Maybe she’s parachuting into enemy territory to take control of their MIDI.

  1. She did a nice job with the vocals, but I’d bet good money you could pick anyone randomly off the street and teach them that same “performance” in 20 minutes or less. I’m still waiting for someone to show that this touchy feely hand wavey stuff has some kind of actual performance or musical value. For instance, when I see someone like Jeremy Ellis tearing it up using a non-standard controller, I’ll start to consider their merit. Otherwise, it’s all wow factor.

      1. Sticking words in someone’s mouth to make yourself appear to be the champion of feminism would be for what purpose, Lancelot?
        She certainly won’t and I’d be willing to bet most others wouldn’t touch you with a 10 foot pole so stop trying to fool people.
        That female was chosen for marketing and advertising reasons. Get a grip, please.

      2. I did say “anyone”, and specifically NEVER called out anything to do with gender. And then I went on to SPECIFICALLY talk ONLY about the tech, other than when at the very beginning I actually complimented the performer on the vocals.

        YOU are the one with the gender issues, not me. Keep that crap to yourself.

    1. Which was exactly my point, which I think you missed. I expect more from the tech, especially given that there is real talent using it. Instead we get something that literally any random person could easily do. That may be a cool thing when you consider the barrier to entry is super low for everyone to make fun music (which I’m all for), but it also puts a severely low cap on the quality and complexity of said music. That means we loose the ability as performers to get any meaningful personal expression out of the instrument/tech.

      1. Yeegads.

        Her music is terrible.

        It’s like Lily Allen crossed with Tokyo Pop. And every song is different in the way of someone searching for their sound.

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