System-1m Brings Modular Control To SH-101 Plug-Out Synth

This video, via RolandChannel, takes a look at using the SH-101 ‘Plug Out’ synthesizer with the new System-1m to allow it to be patched with other modular devices. 

The AIRA SYSTEM-1m semi-modular synthesizer allows you to control the synthesizer via external CV sources, like envelopes and LFOs. You can also control AIRA PLUG-OUT technology using control voltage, and control external gear using the same envelopes and LFOs as the original Roland synthesizers.

This video shows how a sequencer can control the pitch and gate of the SH-101 PLUG-OUT on the SYSTEM-1m synthesizer, and how the LFO of the SYSTEM-1m can control the sequencer.

See the Roland site for more info on the System-1m or the SH-101 Plug Out synth.

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