AVP Synth VAS-100 Multitrack Demo

Here’s a sneak preview of the AVP Synth VAS-100 – a multi-tracked demo that features two monophonic parts.

AVP Synth is a Russian brand manufacturing synthesizers and drum machines, as well as other audio related products. The AVP VAS-100 is a new monophonic virtual analog synthesizer, inspired by vintage Soviet synths. 

Technical details:

All the synth lines are coming from the VAS-100. Drums are coming from other sources. Reverb and delay has been added externally.

About The AVP Synth VAS-100

The VAS-100 synth has a DSP engine, inspired by the sound of the Soviet Era synthesizers (like Polivoks, Alisa and etc.), while having a distinctive tone of its own.

The synth has 9 knobs, 17 switches and 3 buttons. All the parameters are controlled via MIDI.


  • Method of synthesis: virtual-analog (VA) synthesis
  • Controlled oscillator (DCO): 2; saw, square, triangle, PWM
  • Noise generator: 1
  • Controlled filter (DCF): one 4-pole low-pass active filter; modes LPF, HPF
  • Envelope generator (ADSR): 1
  • Controlled amplifier (DCA): 1
  • Low frequency oscillator (LFO): 1; square, triangle
  • Functions: Distortion, FM, Anti-Alias
  • Banks of presets: 16 (sixteen) rewritable
  • MIDI Interface: MIDI In, MIDI Thru, fifteen channels, the sixteenth – OMNI
  • Audio output: mono jack 6.3 mm
  • Controls: 17 switches, 9 knobs, 3 buttons
  • Power supply: adapter 9 V DC (included)

Details are to come, via AVP’s Facebook group.

8 thoughts on “AVP Synth VAS-100 Multitrack Demo

  1. For those of us not on FB *shock horror* can one of you post the price and contact details in the comments below please 🙂 love the sound, me want!! cheers

    1. Hi Soniklab

      You can always write to our email. Please provide the location and which product exactly do you want

      Will be looking forward for your inquiry

      AVP Synth

  2. Very nice sounding demo, I love all the switches on this little beast! Im willing to have one between my Electribe 2 and my Bs2! Probably running it with the Bs2 arp and filtering it with the KaossPad3 😉
    Seems very powerful for its size and the prices are good. Thats not the usual VA.
    Im in the Facenuts group, but you can email them at [email protected]

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