Bob Moog In Google Maps Street View

There’s a cool image of synth pioneer Bob Moog in Google Maps Street View – a mural at 170 Broadway, in Asheville, North Carolina.

The mural faces the parking lot for the Moog Music factory, at 160 Broadway.

The mural was created to commemorate Moog’s birthday, in 2012, by Asheville artist Dustin Spagnola. At the time, Moog shared this time-lapse of the creation of the mural:

via Ares Kalogeropoulos

15 thoughts on “Bob Moog In Google Maps Street View

    1. It’s interesting that their algorithm is smart enough to blur out people’s faces, but also to not blur images of people in a mural, signs etc .

  1. Ah ah ah ah ah.

    The title suggested this was some archival image from the Google-Maps-Mobile of Bob walking down the street, which is something he did.

    I thought this was going to be an amazing fortuitous discovery from a few years back.

    Alas, it’s only a mural.

    I wouldn’t need to say “Alas!!” here except for the intentionally deceptive lying clickbait title of Synthtopia’s overlords.

    For shame. For shame. Bob was a friend. An honest title to this article would have brought just as many clicks, but they would have been happy ones.

    1. Deceptive lying clickbait overlord here –

      Sorry that you feel misled by the headline, RabidBat.

      Street View was introduced two years after Bob Moog’s death, and that was only in large cities. So, sadly, there’s no way that Moog could have been photographed walking down the street by Google’s Street View cars.

      Because of this, it did not occur to us that anyone would be offended by us sharing what we consider to be a fun ‘easter egg’ in Google Maps.

      It’s always difficult to anticipate what other people do not know, and if we failed you or other readers in this regard, you have our apologies.

      1. It’s cool, don’t worry about it, gentle oh reptilian skylord. I enjoyed seeing that mural, I didn’t know about it and am glad you posted this.

        (I didn’t really feel deceived; post was meant in fun; I am sorry…)

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