Detour’s ‘Art and Decibel’ – Portraits + MIDI

Denver painter Thomas Evans, aka Detour, creates portraits of iconic music figures that also have hidden musical features.

Using Bare Conductive’s Touch Board and Electric Paint, Detour conceals boom boxes or even MIDI controllers in his creations:

“I use the Touch Board in two different ways – one is the mode that is installed when it’s shipped. These pieces are usually combined with a bunch of other electronics that allows it to be a touch boom box painting with speakers. The other way is with the MIDI mode turned on and hooking it up to a computer. This way is the real ground breaker because it allows me to collaborate with friends and to have performance on each piece. Its setup more like an instrument.”

Unlike traditional gallery exhibitions, Detour’s paintings invite observers to touch and interact with the paintings, even going so far as performing with the paintings as musical instruments, as in the video, above.

For more information about Evans’ work, check out the I am Detour website.

via Bare Conductive blog

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