Moog Slim Phatty Now Out Of Production

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Moog Music announced today that the Slim Phatty synthesizer is now out of production:

On July 17th, the last Slim Phatty was built with love and sent out into the world.

The Slim Phatty was Moog’s first tabletop synthesizer, a compact poly-chainable ideation of the classic Little Phatty analog synthesizer. Over the last 5 years, the Slim Phatty has found a home on countless stages and in studios around the globe.

We have truly enjoyed putting love and care into each and every Slim Phatty we have built. Thank you to all the Slim Phatty owners for supporting our company and making music with our tools.

Since the Slim Phatty is now out of production, availability is now limited to stock at dealers.

As a thank you to Slim Phatty buyers over the years, Moog has released a ‘Best Of Slim Phatty’ preset library, which is available as a free download (.zip).

12 thoughts on “Moog Slim Phatty Now Out Of Production

  1. RIP to the original Phatty family, an absolute masterpiece in streamlined synth design. The torch has now truly been passed on from Bob.. What’s next for Moog? Rack version of the Sub 37 would be a great start 😉

  2. Love the Slim, what a great instrument. I’m lucky to have grabbed one of the last white models for a good bargain and love it to bits. Just what I needed: classic Moog sound in an incredibly small space (just fits under my iMac) but then I started to discover its own great personality too: not as fuzzy as the Subs, darker then the Voyager, with its own flavor of overdrive (sounds deliciously musical) and hidden tricks with s&h/noise modulation, secondary mod destinations, true continuously variable VCOs… There’s a lot to scratch under the surface and Moog doesn’t have a replacement for these today so I guess it’s a keeper.

    I’ve been seeing these heavily discounted below $500 lately, I’d probably grab another if I had the money.

  3. Well, I think that Moog regarded as obscene a synth under 2000€: if you can buy it without too much sacrifice, it’s not a Moog. That’s why I will never buy a Moog: I’m not saying they aren’t excellent synths (indeed they are the best analogue synths out there, for most music genres), but they aren’t worth what they cost.

    1. I understand that price is an issue to many…

      But the slim phatty sounds great. So great, I got hooked and a few years later bought a Voyager XL (and it’s amazing).

      What I don’t get is the whining about the cost of high quality instruments. I feel like most of these comments come from teenagers who have yet to learn the value of earning a living. And for some reason, the sticker shock comes only from keyboardists and DJs.

      Most Guitarists and drummers don’t blink an eye at spending thousands on a well-made professional instrument. Same with people who play cello, violin, tuba, trumpet, etc.. And a great synth is (arguably) more versatile than any of these other instruments.

      $1000 for a well made instrument you can physically own for the rest of your life? That you can learn from and pursue your passion with? Make some compromises and sacrifices. If this music thing is that important to you, stop putting such a low dollar amount on yourself and your art. Get a job or something.

  4. The sub 37 is better than the voyager .
    Moogs gear is expensive, I had a knackered voyager, bought from new and had to get it replaced.My mates sub 37 has had to go back and be fixed, as the headphone socket broke.
    So to hear moog fan boys go on about build quality is comical.That argument is used to discredit other very good manufacturers who fetch cheaper better featured synths to the market.
    Moog are one company amongst many, they lag way behind Dave Smith Instruments on the taboo (for moog) subject of polyphony. Bob Moog great inventor but that is that.
    Polyphony and pricing are moogs weaknes’s, self promotion is a strength that can only take you so far.Build quality is through both our experiences not impressive.

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