Live Electronic + Acoustic Synth Jam By Drahthaus

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by Drahthaus – a Vienna -based quartet that mixes electronic and acoustic instruments – of Stolperdraht.

Equipment used in this song:

4x Ableton Live
Ableton Push
Korg NanoKontrol
Korg NanoKey
Novation Ultranova
Vestax Dj-Controller (Midi-mapped)
Neuron Icon
Behringer Footcontroller (Midi-mapped)
Roland E-Drumset
E-Guitar (with Audio to Midi)
Flowervase (with Contactmic and Harmonizer)
Glass-stones (Go)
Eyeglass Case

The track is available as a free download via SoundCloud:

8 thoughts on “Live Electronic + Acoustic Synth Jam By Drahthaus

  1. That was really nice! Solid groove, interesting textures, a cohesive sound palette and a thoughtful sense of space in the mix. I like how minimal it was, yet continuously built momentum and evolved nicely over time.

  2. Nice to see peeps playing live. But, damn that 4/4 bass drum ain’t the revolution I am looking for. Personally I’m always seeking change.

  3. If one were to describe this song in words, it would sound like a complete mess, and yet they pull it off. I half expected to see a mic’d up kitchen sink incorporated into the mix (and no doubt they could make it work).

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