Live Modular Looping Performances – Analog Canyon

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, by , captures a live performance on Eurorack modular synthesizer, with Electro Harmonix 45000 looper.

Technical Details:

Ableton Live feeds notes to Yarns. Yarns in 4M, clocked by Ableton plays Tides > Clouds, triggers René, triggers Peaks and modulates Elements, clocks Electro Harmonix 45000 playing two loops (SH-101 > Eventide H9).
René triggers Maths Ch. 4 which Gates Elements.
René QCV to Elements VOCT, CV to Elements Mallet.
Maths modulates Elements and Tides:
Elements – EOR > Position, OR > Geometry, SUM > Space
Tides – Ch. 1 env to Tides Level and Smooth, INV to Shape
Additional reverb, delay, sidechain compression in Ableton Live.

11 thoughts on “Live Modular Looping Performances – Analog Canyon

  1. So nice to hear a creative tonal modular piece, that says more than ‘I can make interesting sounds.’ A steady stream of interesting sounds can get boring really quickly!

  2. From the Muffwiggler forum:

    “Here’s the latest patch, title inspired by a chat I had the other night with my neighbor while sitting around a campfire. He was telling me about Antelope Canyon and I could have sworn that he said “Analog Canyon”. Got a good laugh out of it… Analog Canyon reminded me of something Longmont Potion Castle would say. “

  3. Thanks for the info, a good story always adds to the song and just to clarify I really like Analog and Digital and use both in lots of ways, I definately wasn’t bringing up that old discussion. Just thought the title was a odd choice given the equipment.

  4. very nice, thanks for playing. great sounds out of the MI modules – some of which I think are the most interesting around. most modules are just the same VCO, VCF, etc from the past. MI are future forward 🙂

    patch on

  5. I have to echo the sentiments posted so far; this is a wonderfully *musical* example of an evolving, nuanced modular patch. It immediately inspired me to get back to my modules and make some mischief!

    Thanks much for sharing this with us.

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