Hands-On With Elektron Overbridge & Ableton Live

In this video, Dataline (Cenk Sayinli) demonstrates how he uses Elektron Overbridge.

Overbridge 1.0 is new software that’s designed to connect your analog hardware and your music studio software through a single USB connection.

Overbridge 1.0 is currently only compatible with Ableton Live. Support for all hosts, including Cubase, Logic, Bitwig, Maschine and Reaper, is planned, but still in beta.

Details on Overbridge are available at the Elektron site.

15 thoughts on “Hands-On With Elektron Overbridge & Ableton Live

    1. my expectations are: lol. it’d be nice but what’s it been 2 years? still can’t do multi trig operations like on af or ar.

      if they’d ever said we have tons of ideas, just need time to do it right, or it’s done, i wouldn’t even be saying anything.

  1. I’m still waiting untill i’ll understand the real use of overbridge, i left vst because i hate to make music with a mouse in front of a monitor, i spenty money on an Analog Four and an Analog Key ’cause i love Analog sound and now comes overbridge asking me to turn on my pc again.
    The sound gap between vst and analog is now thinner than ever, if i would returm on pc production i would use cheaper (than elektron instruments) vst and not my expensive machines.

    1. no one’s forcing you to use overbridge, you can always pretend it doesn’t even exist if it makes you happier.
      it’s just an option.
      also lets say you plug your A4 into an audio interface to record it on your computer,
      then you plug midi into your computer to get some automation onto the A4,
      you might as well just use overbridge.

      1. I record on tape or in a digital multitrack recorder, sorry no pc here and i’m not an overbridge hater, i’m only searching a reason to turn on my pc again when i can make the same things easyer withuot.

    2. I’m confused as to what you are complaining about. Even if you write your song away from the computer, you can always use overbridge to quickly multitrack it, if you’ve set up a template. That’s a huge time saver in my book.

      If that’s not enough to convince you, skip ahead to 15:00, where added functionality is discussed. It’s pretty cool. I suggest watching the video up until he says, “This is complimentary software to all owners.”

  2. Who uses a mouse for ableton? I’ve found push and elektron wonderful bedfellows add touchable to the mix the line between hardware and software diminishes, ob has been great for me, I haven’t used a mouse for ableton for years asandex are you sure your not just trolling around, do you actually have an elektron machine? Do you ever like to record your sounds? If you have ob you would understand how much your machines can be controlled, how much a simple controller like the micro korg can open up a new world with ease and simplicity.

  3. In my opinion, after the overbridge, elektron should be to develope a sort of vst that work like an octatrack inside ableton. In this way your live are supported with a tablet that works like a mixer-sequencer. Very small but very powerfull!!

    1. But Live is way more powerfull than the Octatrack. the Octatrack is just a dynamic performence sampler, nothing more or less.. no magic inside this box … A4+AR+AK is the new Dark Trinity.


      1. Ableton is the ultimate mixer. Debated getting octatrack, but you can inherently do so much more in Ableton. Analog purity is overrated. A+D w/Overbridge.

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