Bastl microGranny Updated

Bastl Instruments has released updated firmware for their microGranny monophonic granular synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in microGranny version 2.4:

  • added “store instant loop” feature (go to instant loop and press save combo (FN>REC) = start and end point will match the points you marked in instant loop and instant loop switches off)
  • way more detailed control of grain size and shift speed – curve mapping for the parameters
  • improvements in stability
  • improved randomizer
  • fixed midi clock absence bug
  • fixed midi grain playback in reverse
  • removed midi side chain function

See the Bastl Instruments site for details.

9 thoughts on “Bastl microGranny Updated

        1. it says this at the link above

          “Anyway, it is possible to update your Atmega microcontroller with the newest arduino software posted on our GitHub. Still, we know that not all of the current MG2 users own a programmer, or can handle the update on their own. So we decided that every owner of a limited edition MicroGranny can ask for a new Atmega microcontroller loaded with finished, fully stable and bugless software for free right HERE.”

    1. It does not play notes it plays samples, no scales or notes just manipulation and dissection of the samples. The pads can be assigned with your samples and the presets for those pads can be stored. the samples can be looped and the grains synced to midi clock. These things are awesome, bought one and immediately knew i needed another. this is one you have to play, not program.

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