Synth Jam In The Park, With An iPad, Volca Keys & A Wooden Box

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Perplex On, captures a synth jam in the park, featuring an iPad, a homemade wooden box (used as a trigger for the Impaktor app), a Korg nanoKontrol and a Korg Volca Keys.

Technical details on the setup below:

  • Apps used: Xynthesizr, Impaktor, Animoog, Aufx:Dub, Aufx:Space, Aufx:Push, Echo Pad, Mimix, Turnado, Dedalus
  • Homemade wooden box with built-in piezo mic serving as a transport box and controller for Impaktor app
  • Korg Volca Keys sequenced by Xynthesizr
  • The wooden box and the volca keys are plugged in a battery powered Roland UA22 interface, which is connected to the iPad via a camera connection kit
  • Korg nanoKontrol midi mapped to Turnado and Mimix

14 thoughts on “Synth Jam In The Park, With An iPad, Volca Keys & A Wooden Box

  1. No kidding…. Funny…. I just ripped off the Pezo mic on my nylon guitar and used it to mic a kick drum for a ‘grind core’ metal band (not my choice of music by any stretch). It worked well. Love that thing. I just researched Impaktor……. Wish they had this for Win or Android)

  2. I’d love to know what iPad apps they’re using. Impaktor, Turnado FX, and Animoog are obvious. Xynthesizr maybe? What’s the channel strip app, Final Touch I think?

    1. @Jason: thanks a lot for watching! All apps are mentioned in the description (you guessed right, Xynthesizr is in 🙂 ). What i forgot to mention is Audioshare at the end of the Audiobus chain, which is recording the whole session. Kind regards, Marcus (Perplex On)

  3. Hallo Marcus. Wie geht’s? Laguna @ Weeklybeats here! Great to see one of your excellent videos featured in Synthopia. Your workflow is very inspiring, yet still I’ve got a lot to learn to achieve what you get from the iPad.

    Looking forward to see you in WB2016!!!

    Here’s a video from a little over a year ago of an ensemble I teach at the University of Colorado Denver performing at a TED event. I’m playing a wood cutting board with a Simmons drum trigger connected to my iPhone via an iRig driving Impaktor.

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