iZotope Announces Free Spire Recorder for iPhone

This week, iZotope announced their Spire Recorder for iPhone. Spire offers musicians and “audio dabblers” the capability to record, mix, and share their content via an “easy-to-use and powerful” four-track recording app, powered by iZotope’s digital signal processing (DSP) technology.

Users can record up to four tracks, tap and set tempo with a streamlined metronome, and personalize each track with simple touch-and-drag mixing controls. Users can share their creation via text and email, or share more widely by submitting tracks to the Made With Spire SoundCloud.

iZotope_Spire_fourtrackSpire features include:

  • High quality sound created with Spire’s built-in limiter, de-esser, dynamic EQ, compressor, and stereo imager
  • Simplified touch-and-drag mixing and adjustable mic input controls
  • Voice command offers hands-free control so you can keep your hands on your instrument
  • Streamlined metronome
  • Sharing capabilities – users can share finished recording through text, email, apps or other storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Pricing and Availability. Spire Recorder v1.0 is available now via the Apple App Store as a free download. Spire is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8.1 or later.

7 thoughts on “iZotope Announces Free Spire Recorder for iPhone

  1. It surprises me that apps like this have neglected to incorporate specific processing to compensate for those mediocre built-in mics.

    I know of only one, at this point. IK’s Mic Room, which let’s you select the built-in mic as the source, then select your destination mic.

    It just seems that buy now, some programmers (even at Apple) would have worked out some DSP to neutralize the effects of that built-in mic and its shortcomings.

    1. We do that in Take, too! We’ve disabled Apple’s microphone processing (made for conference calls and recording notes) and both make our own microphone input processing which is more suitable for vocal recording, and have presets for different mixing styles. The iPhone mic is actually pretty great, you just need to use it right. The Take video and song examples on our site are all recorded on an iPhone with the built-in mic, no faking.

  2. Would be cool if they extended this to include being able to create a STEMS file. This way you could produce on the fly beatboxed and vocals to use in TRAKTOR stems decks. Just an idea here.

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