“The Next Evolution In Music Creation” Coming September 9th

The countdown begins! www.roli.com

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Advanced MIDI controller maker Roli is teasing something new, calling it ‘the next evolution in music creation’. 

Roli is the creator of the Seaboard Grand, a MIDI controller that offers three dimensions of performance control.

They haven’t revealed any information at this point, only saying that the announcement is ‘Coming September 9th’.

September 9th is also the date that Apple has announced for its Fall event, where it’s expected to introduce new iPhones, iPads and an updated Apple TV. Coincidence?

If you’ve got ideas on what Roli’s announcing, leave a comment with your thoughts!

30 thoughts on ““The Next Evolution In Music Creation” Coming September 9th

    1. my idea is they are releasing a new product called the “Billevansizer” a sort of turbo coke inhaler with 3 speeds…..This will obviously be you next evolution in music creation…..

  1. Well, either this Roli announcement is related to Apple’s event, or Roli has poor calendar management skills, or this is going to be as niche as their Seaboard.

  2. Anyone else find themselves in a state of mind where any use of teaser/countdown marketing tactics actually predisposes you AGAINST interest in new product?

    Call it Reface Syndrome.

  3. Why do they always use terms like “the next evolution in music creation”, when it isn’t going to be that. This tag already is meaningless, “the next evolution” would imply all 100,000 years of a musical evolution process is to end as Roli starts the next evolution process – I think they were meant to say “evolvement in music creation” – which is still a big deal, if they mean that – but I don’t think they know what they mean, they are just pulling meaningless tags from the air me thinks.

      1. I understand it is marketing, who needs the obvious stating? But it is so incorrect in meaning. “the next evolution in music creation”, means that the current process of creating music, since the beginning of time, is about to end – as Roli starts the next evolution in music creation. Everything everyone has ever done in terms of music creation has evolved the current process to this point, and not once has a next evolution in music creation been started by someone within that process – yet Roli claims they are about to end the current evolution of music to start the new one. This is basic stuff, that a highly paid marketer got wrong. They obviously don’t mean what they are saying, they mean it is a leap in the evolution process, and not the next evolution. A human isn’t the next evolution of an ape, but a human is a leap in the evolution of the ape. It is the same process of evolution, not the next evolution. Very simply stuff to wrap the noggin around – surprising I need to reiterate this!

  4. That’s a very big statement which I hope you guys can follow through because it does get quite tedious these huge bold hyperbole adverts – not too dissimilar of a disappointed flaccid phallus

  5. Teasers slowly drain the interest out of anything….
    I am slightly interested now.
    In two days my interest will be zero.
    In two weeks my interest will be far less than zero.
    But knowing Roli, the price will be far far more.

    1. The Seaboard is so boutique that you shouldn’t expect to see it appear in great numbers. Consider the number of hours it’d take to become really fluid at playing it. Its more like a cello than an instant-grat novelty. In a short-attention-span world, only the seriously dedicated will take this up and make a real voice of it. No slam intended, as I’d love to demo the thing myself; just a real-world observation.

  6. It’s not a keyboard–it’s software.

    Roli acquired/hired Jules Storer, creator of the JUCE software framework, back in November 2014. Storer is also one of the creators of Tracktion (http://www.tracktion.com/ ) a “DAW for musicians”. In November, Roli said that Storer would take the role of Head of Software Architecture.

    Here’s an undated jobs listings page for software engineers at ROLI in London: https://snap.hr/roli/
    The listing mentions Storer by name, mobile platforms, and the popular web technologies Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

    My guess is they’re bringing the JUCE library to mobile platforms, supported by a web back-end. The result could be a rethinking of the DAW for mobile recording and music creation. The date hints that the new product will be featured in the Apple launch event.

    out of respect for Synthtopia I’m not linking to other music news sites, but you can easily find more information if you’re interested.

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