Roland JD-Xi Now Available With Classic White Color Scheme


Roland has announced a limited-edition version of their new JD-Xi synthesizer, updated with a classic white color scheme.

The Roland JD-Xi synthesizer, introduced at the 2015 NAMM Show, is a hybrid analog + digital synth that combines an analog monosynth, dual digital synths and an x0x-style drum machine.

The white JD-Xi provides an alternative to the original red on black color scheme, which some users may find hard to read in low light.


  • Interactive crossover synthesizer with analog and digital sound engines
  • Analog synth section provides authentic lead and bass tones
  • Two digital synth sections with SuperNATURAL synth tones
  • Four-track pattern sequencer and high-quality rhythm sounds
  • Included gooseneck mic for use with built-in Vocoder and AutoPitch
  • Process sounds with four simultaneous effects (Effect 1/2, Delay, Reverb)
  • USB for audio/MIDI communication with computer music software
  • Includes a large selection of ready-to-play sounds and patterns
  • Additional sounds and patterns available for download at Roland’s Axial sound library site

See the Roland site for more info.

12 thoughts on “Roland JD-Xi Now Available With Classic White Color Scheme

  1. I think this looks a little more attractive.

    But seeing the panel on a bright white background really exposes how button-centric the UI is. There’s a ton of small rubber buttons. There’s nearly 50 of them. And what, 16 knobs? And a lot of deal space where more dedicated knobs or sliders COULD be.

    And that keybed. There’s space on the left and right. Relocate those small pitch mod wheels to above the keys. You’d have room for a half octave more keys, or go full size 3 octaves by running fully right to left with a smaller edge border.

    They coulda NAILED it for what, another $50 on the pricetag?

    1. And then all the people that like their mod wheels on the left would be complaining.

      Companies can’t make everybody happy ,so they make keyboards for the people that actually buy synths.

      I like the looks of this a lot better and it’s pretty clear that they had to do something, because you can’t read the red/black JD-Xi in low light at all.

    2. Regardless of where they ended up putting the pitch and mod wheels, I think the larger picture is… It’s a Roland synth that actually HAS dedicated pitch and mod wheels!
      We should probably just be happy that Roland has finally done away with that lame mod/pitch stickwheel combo thing they’ve had on every one of their synths since the 80s! Yay!

  2. I think this is hideous (can’t please everybody,right). I’ll gladly keep my black and red. No problems on stage either. Maybe some of you dudes hiding in a synth cave need to turn on a lil light….

  3. Viewing issues can be a pain, but there’s an easy fix. I have a bouquet of USB-powered LED strips that cover the bases in several situations. They have flexible sheaths and *mostly* stay where you put ’em. Like duct tape and backup batteries, a few of those belong in every synth tool box.

  4. That GUI is about as inviting as a 400-pound truck-stop waitress with three teeth. A lot of industrial design is crying out for a makeover. If the Studiologic Sledge can sell for $999 with such a roomy panel, then mini-synths ought to do at last a little better than this. The JD-Xi has a potent sound, but I don’t want to have to gnaw the lid off a tin can with my teeth to get to it. Also, I wanted it in light torquoise.

  5. This is not as cool as the black! I’m making killer sounds on mine and I don’t know what the whining is all about. It’s a 1000 dollar synth for half the price at least. Quit whining and play the dam thing! It’s so much fun.

  6. mac vs pc
    coke vs pepsi
    vintage vs modern

    I hope this signals Roland making some ltd vintage faced AIRA products.
    Kinda makes sense since they’re modelling vintage gear

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