PMS-20 Brings ‘Pure Analogue Rage’ To Reason


Primal Audio has released PMS-20 Analog HP/LP Filter, an analog-modeled filter Rack Extension.

PMS-20 has many uses; from crunching up beats, adding some bite to samples, or giving vocals an edge to hoovering sweeps, making synth leads growl, or demolishing whole tracks.

Here’s the official video demo:


  • 6dB/oct self-oscillating high-pass filter
  • 12dB/oct self-oscillating low-pass filter
  • Topology-preserving, zero-delay feedback loop with 4-X oversampling
  • Rage switch for pushing the filter over the edge
  • CV inputs for filter cutoff modulation of both filters
  • Wet/dry knob for parallel processing

Here are the official audio demos:

PMS-20 is available for US $19.00 in the Propellerhead Shop.

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