The Wersi CX1 Wersimatic Analog Groove Box

This video, via AnalogAudio1, demonstrates the sound of the Wersi CX1 Wersimatic – a rare vintage (1982( analog groove box. 

Video Description:

In the beginning of the video I added a little reverb from a Dynacord DRP20 on the drums, all other effects came from the CX1 itself.

Wersi WERSI MATIC CX1 is a programmable rhythm machine / accompaniment from Germany.

The CX1 has preset rhythms and is also programmable. It has analog sound generation for the drums and the accompaniment. Tape interface for storing own patterns onto tape – like on analog synths as Korg Polysix or Roland Juno-60. The drums sound a bit like the Korg KR-55.

The CX1 was also included in Wersi organs of the day.

If you’ve used the Wersi CX1, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

11 thoughts on “The Wersi CX1 Wersimatic Analog Groove Box

      1. Please tell me you guys are kidding…. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious that they aren’t comperable, it’s from the early 80s and honestly I think it’s pretty cool!

  1. I love this desktop accordion concept :D. And I like this “professional Casio” kind of sound… It’s all a matter of price I suppose. Can’t find any Wersi product on eBay…

  2. So you get one of these and spend the rest of eternity looking for the tape unit and working cable? And yes the music on this vid is a little on the corny side but I think that was just to show its capabilities, couldn’t you do most of Kraftwerks early stuff on this?

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