Audiowerkstatt Intros din-restarter

din-restarterAudiowerkstatt has introduced the din-restarter, a utitility module designed to let you to stop and start the following “DIN-Sync” (also called “Sync24” or “Sync48”)-device in perfect synchronisation.

You push the button and the audiowerkstatt din-restarter starts or stops the following sequencer at the beginning of the next bar (4/4-stroke only) in perfect timing.

If the sequencer is running, it will be stopped at the next bar and if the sequencer is standing, it is started at the next bar.

The device operates as a standard in “Sync24”-mode (24 clock pulses per quarter note). By holding the button when switching on, the device is started in “Sync48”-mode (48 clock pulses per quarter note).

The din-restarter is available for 109 Euro, w/tax. or 91,60 Euro for export.

Via Olaf Giesbrecht

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