Synth Jam In Memory Of Bob Moog

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Chris Stack of Experimental Synth, captures Stack, along with Marc Doty & Sally Sparks, jamming at a recent Bob Moog Foundation event to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bob Moog’s death. 

Here’s what Stack has to say about the video:

I had a great time jamming at The Hop Ice Creamery with Sally Sparks and Marc Doty at a Bob Moog Foundation event on the 10th anniversary of Bob’s passing.

I got a bit of audio/video/photography (great job on the photography by Ana Belén Antón Fidalgo) from it and put this together, featuring Sally doing some incredible two-handed unison Moog Sub 37/Continuum lines with insightful counterpoint from Marc.

Bob joins in at the end via the Borderlands app.

8 thoughts on “Synth Jam In Memory Of Bob Moog

  1. I like Bob as much or more than most but I’ve always found it odd to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s death. Instead I’ll go home and play my Sub37 and celebrate his life.

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