Bruno Ender Lee – Spacecraft

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Bruno Ender Lee, captures a live studio performance of Spacecraft.

Technical Details:

Studio recording September 19. 2015; Studio-88 (leads), Roland JP800 (bass-arpeggios), MacBeth Studio Systems M5N (bass), Korg MS-20 mini (effect-equence with Doepfer MAQ 16/3), ARP Odyssey MK III (effects with external sounds from Roland Juno-60)

3 thoughts on “Bruno Ender Lee – Spacecraft

  1. All these videos are like someone’s funeral. Come on man, let’s hear something edgy, raw, youthful. These videos are nice with nice hardware implementation and the musician is smart but then sells himself way too short. Gimme some energy music man…we ain’t ready to go to bed right now, pops! Hehehe.

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