Optigan.com Triple Header Sound Disc Set Features Unheard Sounds

Optigan.com has announced a new sound disc for the vintage Optigan keyboard – Triple Header 2:

“By popular demand, we’ve ported three more Orchestron sounds to the Optigan, and have also dug into the Optigan master tape archives for more unreleased material recorded 40+ years ago, and only now seeing the light of day.”

optigan-imageTriple Header 2 is a 3-disc set:

  • CELLESTE features the Orchestron CELLO scale, along with a newly arranged and recorded accompaniment featuring Celeste and Glockenspiel in 3/4. These light sounds complement the bass tones of the cello nicely.
  • FOLK GUITAR & FLUTE pairs the Orchestron FLUTE scale with an unreleased rolling guitar accompaniment and drums/percussion from the Optigan master tapes.
  • LATIN GUITAR & TRUMPET features the Orchestron TRUMPET scale, along with more previously unreleased guitar/drums/percussion accompaniments from the Optigan master tapes.

Triple Header 2 is available for US $199.99.

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