The Electronics Music Works Mix Sequencer Module

Electronic Music Works shared this video demonstrating some of the features of their new Mix Sequencer module.

mix-sequencerThe EMW Mix Sequencer was based on a module from the old ARP 2500 modular synthesizer. It works with CV or audio and switches these signals in several patterns and modes.

You can use any signal in its inputs and create rhythmic sequences. Each input can be switched on and off manually by a per channel switch and each input has its independent level adjustment.

An external clock input is available in order to allow for tempo synchronization.

In the video, the Mix Sequencer is demonstrated with sounds from the EMW Noise Station, a sound from the Analog Drum Synth and several waveforms from two VCO-104 analog oscillators.

The EMW Mix Sequencer is available at US $264.

7 thoughts on “The Electronics Music Works Mix Sequencer Module

  1. This company has been around for a bit producing modules, but hardly anyone seems too have much first hand experience with them.

    Maybe that will change now that they can be more easily obtained stateside.

  2. I got some gear from EMW and they are fantastic! The WCS-1 synthesizer is a monster for the budget. Also, their hardware patch banks for old legendary synths are pretty handy 🙂

  3. Interesting. Electronics Music Works make a great version of the classic EML-200. Brave enough to do something different. Any video with that much kit in is good.

  4. I know most (rightfully) don’t let black vs silver panel colours hold them back when selecting modules, but for me it seems the increased availability of these modules in the US also brought ‘black only’ as a option on purchase. My system is just small enough yet at 104HP x 9U all silver that I keep thinking it’s possible to avoid black. I know in the long term a modular becomes a massive mult-colour monstrosity but so far I’ve been trying to keep it under control.

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