Bitwig Studio Gets Big Update With Version 1.2


Bitwig today released Bitwig Studio 1.2 – a big update to the digital audio workstation for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Updates in Bitwig Studio 1.2 include:

  • Major update to the Bitwig Studio Factory Library – 500+ brand-new fully mapped clips and presets from partners at Detunized, Overclock Inc, Mode Audio, Prime Loops, and Sample Magic.
  • Group Tracks
  • Optimized for Macbook Retina and Windows High-DPI displays
  • Visual Display makes use of scale, light, shade, and volume on an XY grid to visualize sounds. The result can be found on the Audio Mod, Compressor, Dynamics, LFO Mod, Peak Limiter, and Transient Control devices.
  • Support for Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression with instruments like the LinnStrument and ROLI Seaboard
  • Per project mappings
  • Project templates
  • Customizable shortcuts

Here’s a video overview of Bitwig Studio 1.2:

Here’s a look at Bitwig Studio 1.2’s group tracks feature:

Here’s Roger Linn demoing Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression with the LinnStrument & Bitwig Studio 1.2:

Bitwig Studio 1.2 is available now for US $299/ 299 EUR (incl. VAT). The update is free for registered Bitwig Studio users.

17 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio Gets Big Update With Version 1.2

    1. “Back to Ableton”

      Maybe when Live gets real multi-monitor support, the ability to work with multiple sets at a time, high-res support, vst sandboxing, etc, etc, etc.

        1. iMacs have 5K monitors now, so it’s not that big a surprise that the people that dropped $2K on a computer with a high-res monitor would want software to support it.

      1. Bitwig Studio was released last year.
        Group Tracks in Bitwig Studio is on par with other DAWs, and certainly better than Ableton.
        In a year they’ve added so much awesome to Bitwig Studio…

        Your misinformed comment is intended to bash something that is actually good, and on more levels than one, you are quite wrong sir.

        Keep it up, Bitwig 🙂

    2. Back to Ableton that after 15 years has grouping far more limited than BWS first attempt in V1 and still can’t perform the most basic in clip audio editing and has the most limited linear arranger of any DAW….layered editing? Unified modulation? All sounds, presets and clips in one tag browser? Clips and arrange on same window? I have live 9 suite, don’t use it, don’t miss it….only holding on to it to see what live 10 holds, but the reality is that the free point updates with BWS (remember it is still on version 1) gave been more interesting and feature laden than the paid Live updates…. The .2 update brought advanced groups, advanced unified browser new and updated effects, a masive amount of new content, polly after touch etc…

      1. Ableton is n awsome instrument, but a shitty DAW. I use it for livework mostly, and some composing to be able to use the instrument. ABL is very far from intuitive, and it took me ages of anger to get used to it proporly after I had been working in Studio One for a coulple of years ( where I started). I will be migrating to Bitwig as a livetool and composing tool as soon as I know its stable enough.

      1. They started coding this thing back in 2009. Since then they have ran into a lot of trouble. The company almost fell appart and the guy who actually started Bitwig, designed the interface and most of the workflow had to leave couple of years ago because of a nasty fight with the developers, who had no clue about their own timescales, which lead to the missusing of their investments and financial trouble. Interesting thing is there’s no reference to any name in the software, no “created by”, etc. Strange.

        1. You seem to confuse that with Robert Henke, the brain behind the concept of Live who left Abelton, but afaik he has nothing to do with Bitwig. Bitwig has not been started by one guy but by a few ex-Ableton developers.

    3. Its only been out just over 1 year not 6 and already has far more DAW features than Live….Live is a (good) DJ loop player, BWS is a DAW.

  1. I have BWS and live 9 suite and currently BWS is vastly more useful unless you just use your daw for live and do work. I am pretty sure live 10 will copy a lot of BWS features however, as it has currently fallen a long way behind….

  2. Does anyone know if the fully customizable key commands just means Ableton style mappable key commands on top of the default key commands or that all key commands are customizable, Reaper/Logic style?

    Fully customizable keys are a deal breaker for me. I currently use Reaper for electronic music production and Live for live shows but would really consider Bitwig for live stuff if I wouldn’t have to learn a ton of new key commands.

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