Moog Introduces Mother 32, Semi-Modular Analog Synth

Today, Moog Music announced the release of Mother-32, a “vintage-voiced” analog performance and production synthesizer.  The semi-modular all-in-one synth works as a stand-alone instrument, or can be incorporated into a Eurorack modular setup.

Architecturally, Mother-32 is a single-VCO Moog synth voice – but with 32 audio and control voltage patch points, a built-in sequencer and ‘Moog sound.’ At $599, the Mother-32 promises to be a inexpensive standalone Moog synth module and also a great starting point for building a Eurorack modular system.

At Knobcon 2015, we got a sneak preview of the new Moog Mother 32 from Moog Product Development Specialist Steve Dunnington. (Stay tuned for that story in a little bit here on Synthtopia).

Knobcon Moog Mother 32 - 1 (2)
During the prototype phase, Moog worked with 3 synthesists with quite different styles, Erika, Max Ravitz, and Bana Haffar to produce the video, above, that explores the range of the Mother-32’s capabilities.

Here’s a video demo, capturing a live performance on three Mother 32 synths by synthesist Max Ravitz:

Here are official audio demos for the Moog Mother 32:

The Mother-32 module, a 100% analog instrument, features a one-knob-per-function interface, comprehensive voltage-controlled sequencer and a 32-point analog patch bay. The synth is mounted in a black, laser-etched extruded aluminum enclosure and finished with wood sidepieces.

Mother-32’s “semi-modular” design means that no patching is required. The 32-point patch bay also provides access to a wide range of sounds and functionality including an assignable CV output jack, MIDI-to-CV conversion, external audio input, a second voltage-controlled mixer, sync, and multiple unit expandability.

Knobcon Moog Mother 32 - 1 (1)Onboard sound sources include a powerful 10-octave analog oscillator with variable pulse width, and an analog white noise generator. The signals from each sound source are then blended together by a voltage-controlled mixer for dynamic sound creation and manipulation.

From the mixer, sound travels through a Moog Ladder Filter with selectable low pass and high pass filter types.

Musical creation and programming is executed via Mother-32’s thirty-two-step, voltage-controlled sequencer or external MIDI controller. There are two sequencing styles available. A total of 64 patterns can be stored and recalled from within Mother-32’s memory bank.


Mother-32 is an expandable analog ecosystem that allows multiple units to easily be mounted and patched together for extended synthesis capabilities.

Optional “Mother” Accessories:

  • 6” Moog Patch Cables (5-Pack)
  • 12” Moog Patch Cables (5-Pack)
  • 2 Tier Mother Rack Kit (Also for use with 60 HP Moog case)
  • 3 Tier Mother Rack Kit (Also for use with 60 HP Moog case)
  • 60 HP Empty Moog Eurorack Case (Requires Eurorack power module for use)
  • Mother-32 Soft Carrying Case

Pricing and Availability

The Moog Mother-32 is available now, shipping worldwide with a street price of US $599. More information is available at the Moog Music website.Moog_Mother-32_patched

61 thoughts on “Moog Introduces Mother 32, Semi-Modular Analog Synth

    1. Christ, when Moog release something and there’s nothing to actually moan about, find the most trivial thing to get upset at instead. Just be happy you nasty little twerp.

      1. This is Moog’s polite way of saying: “If you listened to 21 seconds of this video over a smartphone’s tiny speaker, you probably shouldn’t leave a negative comment about how the Mother-32 sounds weak and thin.”

        I listened over monitors, the sound was plump and full range, zappy, and drenched in verb. (Which is how many people will run these things.)

    2. warning “this video makes use of subtle and excessive use of a Eventide H8 Reverb effects pedal to add depth and character to a single oscillator”

      1. Oh come on, this thing sounds great. I don’t care that they added some reverb. That’s how I would run it anyway, and this gives me a good idea of what that would sound like. There are dry clips available. I can’t believe people are finding things to complain about about this synth at this price.

        1. Reverbs tend to smear actual sounds to woolly ones. In such a way that you don’t need a Moog for that but whatever VA will do that trick.

  1. Anyone else see an expanded, more professional version of the werkstatt? The controls for sections (VCO, VCA, envelope etc.) seem near identical in most cases, and it has the little button keyboard; The VCF seems a little more advanced (optional high/low pass), and there’s a few other features that weren’t there before, but it does seem like moog have bowed to the presure to create a eurorack werkstatt. Not that that’s in any way bad.

  2. I would prefer to listen to the raw sound on its’ own, without external effects of reverb or delay rendered on top – so ‘what you hear is what you get’.

  3. Also: PLEASE DO MORE MODULES! A standalone VCO would be a great start. And I would LOVE to see the moogerfoogers as modules.

  4. Holy crap. Resistance is futile. I was going to start saving up for a Sub 37, but now it’s looking like 2 of these instead. Bonkers.

    1. How true. I had been thinking about getting a Minitaur, then started looking seriously at the Sub 37 and now this has made my buying decision more complex again. Moog’s modern incarnation has always been a good company, but they’re turning into a great company. A few years ago I thought they were overpriced and leaned too heavily on nostalgia, like the Harley-Davidson of the synth world. I was wrong – very wrong.

  5. I’m in love… – THAT sound, in such a small and accessible box?! Great!!
    Another thing that I totally like is the fact that the patch bay is separated out to the side away from the knobs, and that patching is optional to make a sound with it.

    Mother 32, I have an empty space in my rack waiting just for you… 🙂

  6. Moog Mother 32 looks great. Love the design so you are not feeling through a forest of patch cords to get at the controls. Love that its Eurorack, and all the expansion that offers. Love the price – I reckon about $1200 AUD – which is very affordable. Sounds awesome. This is a way to have a small Moog Modular on your desk, and then expand it via Eurorack modules. Together with a Sub-37, that could be a powerful combination.

  7. nice machine. wonderful and informative vid.

    so fed up with these i-know-a-guy-who-owns-a-camera type product vids. moog, you know how things are done.

        1. Semi-modular is not a term Moog made up. From Wikipedia.

          “A semi-modular synthesizer on the other hand is a collection of modules from a single manufacturer that makes a cohesive product. Modules may not be swapped out and often a typical configuration has been pre-wired. However, the manufacturer provides mechanisms to allow the user to connect modules in different orders.”

          And a reference here in SOS…

  8. Looks like Moog is getting competitive.

    Compared to the other semi-modulars in the price range (Pittsburgh, Cwejman, doepfer, etc..) Moog is offering more features AND a sequencer.

    I’m not sure how they are built, but I’d be surprised if Moog is using the same OSC and filters as the sub 37 or voyager. This looks like it was designed for a specific price point, and judging from the video, sounds very different than a voyager.

    So, Moog can put out a true analog semi-modular for $699… and roland still sucks.

  9. Regardless of all the complaints and defense against those complaints: A synth demo should feature the SYNTH ONLY, or at least mainly. The sound is so drenched in reverb it’s hard to tell what the unit will actually sound like.
    How about the next time you go to look at a car, there is a bunch of naked models all over it? Will those naked models come with the car? NOPE. Will the car be any where near as awesome without a bunch of naked models? Nope.
    The point is, if Moog thinks this is a good enough synth to slap their name on it, stop dressing it up with things it doesn’t include.

  10. i was actually going to ask if there was reverb added in this video, a comment above says there’s some Eventide. did Moog comment about the reverb? cool…

  11. These reverb complaint comments are unwarranted. If you understand what this synth has to offer at $599 USD and you have ever owned/used/witnessed a Moog synth in action then you should be able to see through the verb pretty vast. The powerful, raw, vintage sound can be easily detected through the verb. And the demos so far explain the Mothers functionality and creative potential. Great work IMO. Cannot wait to introduce my Mother 96 to my Voyager!

    1. Maybe, just maybe you might also look at the synths Analogue Solutions offer? Moogish if you wish but also so much more beside that.

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