14 thoughts on “How To Lay Down A Disco Groove In The Funky Penthouse

    1. Yeah, it’s obvious he’s having fun doing his own thing and it sounds great.

      I’d love to see him use the same gear, though, to make something modern sounding. Do you think that’s possible or does this gear scream out ‘retro’?

      1. Hi, I am snolan1990

        You could absolutely use that kind of set up to make stuff that sounds more modern. Despite being predominantly older gear a lot of the sounds they are capable of making you could find in contemporary productions of loads of different styles.

        I have used this set up to make more contemporary music; but only relative to this kind of Disco sound. Stuff like House in a few variety of styles, Hip Hop, Garage. In truth it is partially the gear but mainly my taste that result in the retro sound.

        Does the gear scream out retro… a bit… but not as much as I do :).

    1. I was forced to design and build the units myself as I couldn’t find anything ready made that would fit both the limited space in the room while also being able to cater for the gear. I had the benefit of being able to design the units around the gear so everything is made to measure and planned so that almost everything is in reach of the master keyboard.

      Well worth doing if you have the chance saves money and means you can design your ideal set up :).

      1. Looks great – so neat. Barley a wire in view! I’ll be stealing some of your ideas when I set up proper in the spare room/office!

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